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Stacy and I have been getting a lot of miles in on our road bikes this summer. One thing that motivates both of us is having an event down the road for which we know we need to prepare. We have a couple of rides were planning on doing this summer. The first is the Team MSFits Ice Cream Ride on June 15. We’re planning on doing their metric century ride (100 Km, 62.1 mi). They offer a shorter, 30 mile route (just in case it’s a scorcher that day and we don’t want to do the long route). That ride ends with ice cream to look forward to at the end, and it benefits the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

We’re also planning on riding in the Velo4Yellow ride on July 20. We’ll also do their metric century route, though they also offer 30 and 100 mile routes. We did Velo4Yellow last year and it was a great ride with lots of support and rest stops. That ride ends with free beer to look forward to at the end of the ride, and it benefits the Livestrong Foundation.

We’re keeping our eye out for other rides too, particularly in the fall once it cools a bit. We did the New Bern Bike MS two years ago. However they raised the entry/fundraising fee to $300 each, which was just too difficult for Stacy and I to raise and/or pay ourselves, especially since we can’t get sponsored by our employers, she’s in social work, and I’m a grad student (we’re poor). That was a fun ride though. We’d like to do a century ride (100 miles) this year, preferably somewhere in the Coastal Plain where it’s flat.

Stacy had a bit of a crash on her bike last Sunday. Luckily it was just bruises, so it will heal soon enough. It was sort of the fault of both of us. I slowed up while approaching a greenway trail bridge that crosses the Neuse River. She swerved to avoid me, and crashed right into a post that prevents vehicles from driving on the trail and bridge. She did a somersault over the handlebars, but was able to ride home. Hopefully she heals quickly so she can both not hurt, and be able to keep training for our upcoming rides.

Anyway, that’s it for cycling talk now (my lunch break is over). For you cyclists out there, keep the rubber side down.



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With Le Tour de France officially underway this weekend, it’s only fitting that I put up a cycling-related post today. Maximum temperature records are being broken up and down the east coast this weekend with a huge heat wave. It’s been around 105 degrees F for the last two days here in Raleigh, and it will likely reach those temperatures again today. Stacy and I usually get a ride or two in on the weekends. We didn’t want the heat to get in our way so we set out early yesterday and today around 6:30 AM.

Yesterday we went out on a greenway trail that goes through Raleigh. It was about a 27 mile round trip. The night before the heat caused a huge wind storm that swept through town around midnight. There were lots of broken branches. The greenway trail was covered with debris that made the trip a little more difficult than expected. We also had other obstacles that were construction related.

Summertime is for bike path construction work too!

The above picture is an excavator that was parked on the trail. A crew has been working on sewer lines for a while along that trail, and this must have been part of that project. My dad works with these machines on a daily basis with his work. He is also a cyclist so I had to post that pic on his Facebook page and complain about the “darn construction workers”. Parts of the trail were very quiet, and other parts were busy with cyclists, runners, and walkers trying to get their workouts in before the temperature rose.

Today we went out early again. There is a trail behind our community that goes along the Neuse River. It is in the process of being paved, but there is just enough pavement that we can walk down to the paved part, and follow it all of the way to a new pedestrian bridge that crosses the river, and ride on into the Wake County countryside.

When we first went onto the trail, the first sign of life we saw was a man (who I presume was homeless) “popping a squat” on the side of the trail. It was very awkward so we just rode on at a faster pace. That was a weird way to start a ride. We continued onto the country roads and found this gem of a homemade slip-n-slide.

Homemade Slip-n-slide along our cycling route this morning

It is a kids playhouse with which they added some tarps and plastic to the slide, and dug out a “channel” into their front yard to make for one huge slip-n-slide. That family definitely found a fun way to beat the heat. You can’t have fun like that when you live in an HOA neighborhood.

The rest of this morning’s ride went well. It was a shorter ride, about 22 miles. It was still a good ride nonetheless.

We’re training up for a couple charity rides we’re participating in this month. On July 14 we will be riding in the Velo4Yellow ride, which is a benefit ride put on by a local cycling club to benefit the Livestrong Foundation. They have 30, 60, and 100 mile options. It’s a hilly course in the countryside north of Raleigh, so we’re opting for the 60 mile route.

On July 28 we will be riding in the Cup-n-Cone Tour in the Cary, NC area. It is a 67 mile ride with lots of good food and good ice cream. That ride benefits the MS Society.

I think July is a good month for Cycling around the world, from North Carolina with rides like the ones I mentioned, to Iowa with RAGBRAI, to France with Le Tour.

We’ve been busy lately, but we’ve had several big events that need to be blogged about. Look for those later today as I stay indoors with the AC during this heat wave.

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