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This is a shameless plug for a product being sold by a company that one of my college buddies, Dane, and his brother, Westin, started. It is called “The Bev Barge”, and it is being sold by Weekend Products.  Dane is one of my college buddies and a Triangle Fraternity brother from Iowa State.

The Bev Barge is a great idea for a product in my opinion. I’m sure Dane got the idea from our “cabrewing” adventures of floating down the Des Moines River in canoes and drinking some frosty, adult beverages. Anyway, the Bev Barge, as you can see in the pictures, is basically a floating table/bar top with a cooler for frosty adult or frosty kiddy beverage, a place for a shade umbrella, places to dock your inner tube, and most importantly – cup holders. Here are some pictures of the Bev Barge, followed by a you tube video of it in action.

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You can read all about the details for the Bev Barge at the link above. Because Dane seems to have the weird ability to destroy just about anything he puts his hands on, you can be assured that it is built to be indestructible (i.e. Dane-proof).

If for no other reason than to buy it because the Bev Barge is awesome, Dane is also engaged to get married this summer to his fiance Kelly who is training to be a pilot in the Air Force. Dane also recently signed up for the Army Reserve in Wisconsin. Sounds the just the kind of entrepreneur you want to support doesn’t he?

You can buy yours from Weekend Products, or through Amazon or all of the finest boating supply websites. It’s just in time for the Memorial Day weekend too!


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