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Forrester's adoption page photo shoot. Picture by Suzie Wolf Photography.

Forrester from his adoption page photo shoot. Picture by Suzie Wolf Photography.

Last weekend we returned to Raleigh, North Carolina for a long weekend to celebrate my Ph.D. graduation on May 10. I’ll have a post on that later once we get all of the pictures from those that had cameras. However, in addition to the big celebration, we also came home with a long time friend. Forrester was our foster dog for over two years with the Triangle Beagle Rescue of NC. We really enjoyed him as a foster dog, and we had hoped that he would eventually find a forever home after we moved away last December. Unfortunately, nothing worked out so Stacy and I made the decision to adopt him and bring him home with us to Seattle. He’s too good of a dog to be a foster dog bouncing from foster home to foster home in his golden years. Here are some pictures we have of him, mostly from his time with us as a foster dog.

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The rescue knew that we had to pay to fly him back to Seattle, and because he had been with the rescue for so long they decided to wave the adoption fee for us, which was much appreciated. He handled the flight back to Seattle like a champ (with some help from some “doggy downers”). Overall, flying with a dog was pretty seamless, despite a delayed connection flight. He and our other beagle, Maisie are very familiar with each other, so they adjusted to living with each other again pretty quickly. He still has great hearing, great eyesight, and healthy joints, despite being a 12 1/2 year old dog. It’s too bad more people don’t consider adopting senior dogs like him. We are happy he’s part of our lives again.


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After the short, two-week stay by our last foster dog we were ready for another (our 6th) foster dog from the Triangle Beagle Rescue. Meet Forrester.

All pictures are courtesy of the Triangle Beagle Rescue

Forrester is a 10 year old beagle. He came through the Triangle Beagle Rescue when he was just a puppy. He was adopted and lived with his family for almost all of his 10 years. Unfortunately he wasn’t a very good fit for their small children in the home, so they returned him to the rescue.

Here is the description from the TBR website:

Forrester is a really affectionate and adorable guy – loves to be petted, loves to sit on laps and loves to be near his people at all times. He enjoys going for walks and loves to spend time outside, though not so much in the cold. He loves to sit by the window and watch every person, animal, and car go by. He is just a sweetheart and knows how to win you over. He lived with another larger dog for 8 years and loved it but is sometimes nervous about new dogs. He would probably be happy with another friendly dog or as an only dog. He would be perfect for someone quiet who is looking for a dog to love, snuggle, and pet. He would be best in a home with no kids or with older kids (10 and up). Sponsor: Please Sponsor Me!

That pretty much sums him up. We’ll keep you posted on his life at our house. Senior dogs usually don’t get adopted as fast as the young ones, so we might have him for a while. However, he is really sweet and is a cute old pup so he may get adopted faster than usual.

Here are some more pics:

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Our 5th foster dog from the Triangle Beagle Rescue, Smokey, found his forever home. We had him for only two weeks before he got adopted – a record for us and a big change from having our previous foster dog, CD, for 9 months.

Smokey was adopted by a Mother and Daughter from New Jersey who moved to North Carolina not too long ago. They had a 16 year old Cocker Spaniel that had passed away in 2011 and were looking for a new addition to the family.

We took Smokey there for a home visit before we finalized the adoption. They had a ton of stuffed animals in their collection, so I think Smokey might just be in his own little doggy heaven. We hope his adoption and new life go well.

We wish you the best Smokey!

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We picked up our most recent Triangle Beagle Rescue foster dog on Sunday. His name is CD. He is a two year-old, mostly black and white, 15 inch beagle with brown on his face and behind, and gray to black ticking on the white portions of his body. We’ve only had him for 24 hours, but so far he is a quiet, sweet, well-behaved young male beagle. He is young so he still likes to chew, but we’re keeping a close eye on him. He is a good 35-40 lbs right now and could stand to lose a few pounds, as can I. Stacy and I took Maisie and him on a run yesterday for about 2.5 miles or so. He loved it and kept up the whole way. Once we got back he crashed and pretty much slept through the rest of the evening and night. His name is pronounced like “seedy (which I don’t think is a word)”, or “Sidi” the cycling shoe company, not like CD as in circular disk.

He was apparently a hunting dog that wouldn’t hunt and was turned in to a local shelter. Triangle Beagle Rescue took him in. He stayed at a kennel that one of the volunteers runs for about a month until we became available to take him in. He seems like a smart dog that likes to play and loves other dogs. Next weekend he will go to his first adoptathon so we’ll see how he interacts with 20+ other beagles. I think he will get adopted pretty soon since he has such a laid back yet playful personality with a very unique, handsome face. Here’s some pictures of him, courtesy of tribeagles.org.

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Our most recent foster dog, Dave “Davie” Jackson, was adopted tonight by Jeremy and Limor (see below). He is a great dog and Stacy and I wish him and them nothing but the best.

Jeremy, Limor, and Dave

Here is the first post we had about Davie: Meet Davie the Foster Dog

Fostering beagles with the Triangle Beagle Rescue is a blast. We’ve requested another dog. We will post about that as soon as we get one. Here’s our list of dogs we’ve helped place in forever homes:


Petey (short-term)


Lexie (short-term)


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