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Stacy and I have been getting a lot of miles in on our road bikes this summer. One thing that motivates both of us is having an event down the road for which we know we need to prepare. We have a couple of rides were planning on doing this summer. The first is the Team MSFits Ice Cream Ride on June 15. We’re planning on doing their metric century ride (100 Km, 62.1 mi). They offer a shorter, 30 mile route (just in case it’s a scorcher that day and we don’t want to do the long route). That ride ends with ice cream to look forward to at the end, and it benefits the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

We’re also planning on riding in the Velo4Yellow ride on July 20. We’ll also do their metric century route, though they also offer 30 and 100 mile routes. We did Velo4Yellow last year and it was a great ride with lots of support and rest stops. That ride ends with free beer to look forward to at the end of the ride, and it benefits the Livestrong Foundation.

We’re keeping our eye out for other rides too, particularly in the fall once it cools a bit. We did the New Bern Bike MS two years ago. However they raised the entry/fundraising fee to $300 each, which was just too difficult for Stacy and I to raise and/or pay ourselves, especially since we can’t get sponsored by our employers, she’s in social work, and I’m a grad student (we’re poor). That was a fun ride though. We’d like to do a century ride (100 miles) this year, preferably somewhere in the Coastal Plain where it’s flat.

Stacy had a bit of a crash on her bike last Sunday. Luckily it was just bruises, so it will heal soon enough. It was sort of the fault of both of us. I slowed up while approaching a greenway trail bridge that crosses the Neuse River. She swerved to avoid me, and crashed right into a post that prevents vehicles from driving on the trail and bridge. She did a somersault over the handlebars, but was able to ride home. Hopefully she heals quickly so she can both not hurt, and be able to keep training for our upcoming rides.

Anyway, that’s it for cycling talk now (my lunch break is over). For you cyclists out there, keep the rubber side down.



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Hello all,

Stacy and I sent out our annual Groundhog Day card and letter last week to family and a few friends. Since I’ve been a little too busy with grad school lately, I haven’t really updated this blog as often as I should, despite there being a lot of big news in the last 12 months. I’ll repost our letter here. Consider this our “catching up on blog posts” post.

The 2013 Moorberg family Groundhog Day card.

The 2013 Moorberg family Groundhog Day card.

Happy Groundhog Day everyone!

It’s that time of year again when giant rodents all over America come out of hibernation and predict the change of seasons for all of us based on the sighting of their own shadow. That also means it’s time for us to reflect on the last year. This last twelve months have been pretty busy for us. Stacy is still working at the hospital. She’s also been busy working on a variety of crochet projects, including some afghans that will be auctioned off to benefit the Relay for Life. Some other notable projects include an afghan wedding gift for Colby’s mom and husband (more on that later), and some bearded stocking hat Christmas presents for Colby and his brothers.

Colby has been busy with school and research. As you read this he’ll be just finishing up with his preliminary exams for his PhD, and will be preparing for the oral exam to become a “PhD candidate”. He’s also been homebrewing in his free time, making a bunch of different styles of beer and hard cider. Some notable recipes include the “10YR Amber Ale” (a soil science inside joke), the “Hot Mess Pale Ale” (included 10 roasted Anaheim peppers that were soaked in tequila prior to fermentation), and the “MoBro American Black Ale” which was brewed during “Movember” (more on that later) and  included five ounces of hand-picked hops from the Department of Soil Science’s hop field trial plot.

For Memorial Day weekend, Stacy’s sister, Brenda and her kids, and sister, Corey came to visit us. It was the kids’ first time to the coast so we took them down to Wilmington, NC. There we visited the USS North Carolina (picture on the card). We also checked out the North Carolina Aquarium, and then headed to the beach so they could swim in the ocean for the first time.

In June we took a trip to the North Carolina Zoo for our fourth anniversary. It was a really fun trip, and one of the best zoos we’ve visited. We also did some traveling out of the state for some big events on Colby’s side of the family. In May we flew to Iowa to see Colby’s brother Matt graduate from Iowa State University with his bachelor’s degree in Agronomy. It was nice to have a break and get back to Iowa at the end of the semester to partake in the celebrations. Congrats to Matt!

In September we flew to Wisconsin to participate in Colby’s mom’s wedding. Ruth married her husband, Buck in the end of September in an outdoor ceremony with the foliage at peak colors. It was a pretty wedding, and a great opportunity to see all of the Green family. Congrats to her and Buck!

In November Colby’s grandmother, Dorothy turned 90 years old. It’s quite the achievement! We couldn’t make it back because Colby still had class, but we were celebrating from afar and over the phone. Also in November, Colby’s dad came down to Raleigh to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. All three of us also had a blast that weekend at a NC State football game (two of the pictures on the card).

There isn’t too much news from Stacy’s side of the family, other than everyone is healthy, especially Stacy’s dad who is now three years cancer-free!

Our beagle, Maisie is doing well. She’s had a new buddy for the last twelve months though. Forrester (the tri-color beagle on the card) is our current foster dog with the Triangle Beagle Rescue, and is our sixth foster dog so far. He is a senior foster dog who is around 11 years old. The older foster dogs don’t usually get adopted too quickly, so we’ve had him for a while. If we still have him by the time Colby finishes his PhD, he just might end up becoming a permanent member of the family.

As usual, we’ve done a lot of cycling this year. We took part in just one charity ride though.  We rode in the inaugural Velo4Yellow bike ride in September which raised money for the Livestrong Foundation. Off of the bike, Colby also organized a team in his department for “Movember”, a charity that raises money and awareness for men’s health issues, testicular and prostate cancer in particular. For “Movember”, each of the participants, referred to as “MoBros”, grow mustaches during the month of November. The team of four MoBros raised over $760! Colby also helped out with his Masonic Lodge’s barbecue fundraisers that sell hundreds of plates of Eastern Carolina style barbecue and brought in over $8,000 for the North Carolina Masonic Home for Children, and the Masonic and Eastern Star Home.

As you can tell, it has been a busy year. During all that, Colby has also been feverishly working on his PhD research. He submitted his first paper for peer review last November, but is still waiting to hear any news on that paper. He’s also currently working on finishing up his three PhD experiments, which will be wrapped up by the end of the spring semester. The plan is for Colby to complete the data analysis and writing as soon as possible, successfully defend his dissertation, complete his PhD, publish his current research, and become gainfully employed by the end of 2013. There’s a lot to do between now and then though, as Colby’s PhD adviser would surely tell you.

We hope all of you are doing well, and we’re always happy to get news from home – whether it is over the phone, in a letter, in an email, or on a Google+ hangout. We’d love to hear from you! If you want to keep up with us, Colby posts occasionally on <colbyandstacy.wordpress.com> with big news, or interesting stories and adventures. Colby also has his soil science blog <colbydigssoil.com>, just in case you want to learn about soil science, or Colby’s research.

 Happy Groundhog Day!

Stacy, Colby, and Maisie

So that’s our news from the last 12 months. As it turns out, Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow, so he is predicting an early spring. However Sir Walter Wally, the groundhog from the North Carolina Natural Science Museum, did see his shadow, so apparently North Carolina is still a ways away from spring weather. Also, Foursquare offered a Groundhog Day badge.

Happy Groundhog day everyone!

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Movember 2012

Every November men from around the world grow moustaches in honor of Movember. Movember is an organization and activity that raises awareness of men’s health issues such as testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and other illnesses. Most of all, it helps start discussions about these issues and encourages men of all ages to go get their annual checkup. Here’s a short description about Movember from it’s US website:

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world. With their Mo’s, these men raise vital awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

Once registered at http://www.movember.com, men start Movember 1st clean shaven. For the rest of the month, these selfless and generous men, known as Mo Bros, groom, trim and wax their way into the annals of fine moustachery. Supported by the women in their lives, Mo Sistas, Movember Mo Bros raise funds by seeking out sponsorship for their Mo-growing efforts.

Mo Bros effectively become walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November. Through their actions and words they raise awareness by prompting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of men’s health.

At the end of the month, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas celebrate their gallantry and valor by either throwing their own Movember party or attending one of the infamous Gala Partés held around the world by Movember, for Movember.

It’s a pretty fun activity, as you can tell by watching this awesome video:

That’s the fun side of things. Here’s a more serious video that shows just what Movember efforts go to:

I did Movember back in 2010 along with three other grad students from the NCSU Dept. of Soil Science. Our group is doing it again, this time with representatives from the faculty, the Dept. of Crop Science, and the soil science undergrads. Our group ends Movember with three contests – most money raised, best moustache, and most moustache powder sugar retention (after eating a doughnut). The last two contests will be judged by the female grad students in our department.

If you would like to support my fundraising efforts in this worthy cause, your kind donation would be greatly appreciated at http://mobro.co/colbymoorberg. Thank you in advance.

By the way, if you want to watch some more great videos about Movember, I suggest the Movember & Sons YouTube Channel, and the MadeMan YouTube Channel.


11-9-12 Mo update:

My “Mo”, as of Movember 9th

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Stacy, Maisie, our foster dog Forrester, and I went to the Triangle Beagle Rescue’s Beaglefest 2012 today. Beaglefest is TBR’s annual fundraiser event that they usually hold at the Sunny Acre’s Pet Resort in Durham, NC. They have a series of pens that allow dogs to go off-leash like they would at a dog park.

Some people and beagles waiting to enter the off-leash pens

Some of they things TBR offers at this event include a $5 lunch (hot dogs, chips, and soda), a bake sale with both human and dog treats, activities with suggested donations, a silent auction, a beagle-related goods sale, and a bunch of contests.

Stacy teasing Maisie through the fence with her hot dog and chips

We brought some of our homebrew spent grain dog treats for the bake sale. We made these last weekend when I brewed two batches of homebrew. I helped grill the hot dogs. We also bought some homemade dog treat cookie cutters from the beagle-goods table. We’ll probably use these for the next time we make spent grain dog biscuits for the dog bake sale instead of just cutting them into squares. We also bid on some items at the silent auction, but we don’t know if we won on any bids though.

A bunch of beagles gathered at the gate to the off-leash pen

They had a bunch of contests for all of the dogs again this year. The contests included best howl, longest ears, softest ears, best kisser, best trick, biggest non-beagle, smallest non-beagle, and a few others. Maisie got 2nd place in the best trick contest. She wasn’t quite into her game like she usually is, but did good on her “Snoopy” trick where she walks and spins on two legs. The last time we attended Beaglefest Maisie won the best trick contest and got a bag full of goodies.

This is one of the off-leash pens with the silent auction under the big green shelter

There were a lot of dogs and people this year. I think the TBR folks pushed pretty hard to publicize the event this year and it really showed in attendance. Hopefully they’ll make a lot of money to take care of all of the hospital bills and other related expenses that they incur with rescuing so many beagles and other dogs each year.

Our foster dog Forrester had fun, but was really nervous about being around so many dogs. He’s a little introverted I think. He was very well behaved though. Both him and Maisie are sleeping pretty hard on the couch and floor next to me while a write this. We must have wore them out today at the Beaglefest.

Forrester hung pretty close to Stacy and I

We did manage to get a good shot of Forrester though while he was posing for the camera

These events are always a lot of fun. It’s amazing to see so many beagles of so many shapes, sizes, and colors. There aren’t many “lemon beagles” like Maisie is, but it was kind of funny to see other lemon beagle owners come up to us and strike up a conversation about it.

For pictures of past events, check out the event web page, and our previous post from Beaglefest 2010.

Picasa album of Beaglefest 2012


Edit: The News and Observer recently featured a series of photos from Beaglefest. Here’s the link: http://www.newsobserver.com/2012/04/28/2031489/first-look-beaglefest-042812.html. I like picture #2 the best. Our homebrew spent grain dog treats made the shot in picture #10 (ziplock bags, right above the dog treats sign).

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Tonight we picked up our new foster dog. Smokey is approximately 1 year old, and is a mix of beagle and something else. He’s incredibly cute and is very curious. He’s pretty much the same size as Maisie, just a bit taller but not as wide-bodied. He’s very energetic, but is also obedient so his energy shouldn’t be a problem. He was getting a little rambunxious tonight so we took him and Maisie on a 2-mile walk. That pretty much wiped him out and he’s been laying down ever since we returned.

Smokey posing for the camera. Photo courtesy of the Triangle Beagle Rescue of North Carolina

He’s well along with his training. He’s already 100% house-trained, and he knows sit and fetch. Since he’s still a puppy he likes to mouth things, but so far that has been limited to his toys and raw hides.

His adoption profile can be found on the Triangle Beagle Rescue of North Carolina website here. Here’s what they have to say about him (note that this was written while he was in a different TBR foster home):

Smokey is one handsome boy.  He is almost a year old and is loving and sweet.  He was found abandoned as a puppy with several female siblings. The girls got new homes and Smokey is still waiting for his Family to find him. He gets along very well with the other female beagle in his foster home and loves kids.  He is a big boy, so older kids are probably best. He walks well on a leash and is currently fostering in a home without a fenced in yard. He is a healthy, happy dog, just larger than a beagle. Hey, more to love!

Smokey Close-up. Photo courtesy of the Triangle Beagle Rescue of North Carolina

Smokey is our 5th foster dog (all 5 have been from TBR). We really enjoy fostering. It’s been good for Maisie as well as she has really opened up since we started with our first foster dog in 2010. You can read about our previous foster dogs here.

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Hello all. Stacy and I, and our friend Amanda Morris participated in a Bike MS ride in New Bern, North Carolina. It is an annual charity ride that benefits the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and supports people living with MS in eastern NC. We had some previous post about this ride here, and here. Each of us had to raise $200 each to participate. Thanks to all of our family and friends who found it in their hearts and wallets to donate.

***All of the following pictures can be found here.***

We drove over to New Bern, NC on Friday night just in time to register, find a camping spot, and get some dinner before everything closed. We went to bed early since we knew we had a lot of work to do the next morning.

On Saturday we woke up around 6am, got our bikes ready, got changed, and got some breakfast. Then, at 8am they did the opening ceremonies, gave us a police record out of town, and we were one our way.

Saturday Morning Opening Ceremonies

The ride was interesting. We did 75 miles on both Saturday and Sunday. The area had just been hit directly by Hurricane Irene. New Bern was cleaned up pretty well, but the broken branches, downed trees, etc were very apparent. On parts of the route we had to be careful about debris on the road surface. There were rest stops about ever 15 miles that were fully stocked with food, drinks, water, and music. The rest stops were usually at churches or schools, and were sponsored by different groups, companies, and restaurants. The Saturday ride was very flat, but wasn’t as scenic as Sunday.

Here are some rest stop shots:

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Here are our three bikes parked in front of a scenic, rural North Carolina neighborhood

Saturday Lunch Break

Saturday Lunch Break

We stopped and sat in the shade for some lunch

We stopped and sat in the shade for some lunch

Saturday Lunch Stop

Finish Line

As we rode to the finish line on Saturday they had a huge welcoming committee at the finished line that gave everyone a hearty welcome, cheer, applause, and thanks – a perfect way to end a long ride. They had two shower trailers waiting for us. I didn’t even have to wait for a shower which is a rarity among supported bike rides. We all got cleaned up and rehydrated, then went to the convention center for happy hour that was supported by the Carolina Brewing Company. I called it “carb loading”. As we were hanging out in the AC drinking some beers, I was getting text updates with scores to the Iowa at Iowa State football game from my brother, Matt – an Iowa State student who cheers for the Hawks (I know, I’ve tried to convert him to no avail). Suddenly the text messages stopped, so I called my dad who said ISU won in triple overtime (Matt apparently didn’t want to tell me the good news).

After we were cooled off from happy hour in the air conditioning, we walked to the historic downtown area to find an ice cream shop we heard about. It was called Cow Cafe. The place was a mom and pop ice cream place that made their own ice cream on site. They also had just about anything cow-related for sale in the place too, as well as a toy train that did circles around the ceiling that had a black and white spotted caboose. Their canopy on the front of the store was torn up from Hurricane Irene.

New Bern Convention Center

Cow Cafe

A local church put on a memorial for all of the fallen first responders of 9-11 (picture was taken on 9-10) in which they put up a small flag for each person, along with their photo and obituary.

9-11 Memorial at a Local Church

New Bern was the colonial capital of North Carolina. It’s a very old city, and and all of the old, coastal city that you’d expect. It’s also known as the “Bear City”. They have  bear in their city crest. They also have 50 decorated bears all over the city, painted to different themes. Here are a few that we walked by.

That evening they had a buffet dinner for all of the 2400 cyclists and 400 volunteers. After dinner there was an awards ceremony, but since our team consisted of only 3 people, we elected to walk the water front, and speak with some other cyclists. Later we hung out under the Bald Cypress tree (the species that I research in my graduate work) at our camp site, then went to bed early… we were pretty tired. Here are some pictures of the New Bern waterfront on the Neuse River (the river that flows through Raleigh).

New Bern is also the birthplace of Pepsi, hence the giant Pepsi can vending trailor:

Our campsite under the Bald Cypress tree

The next morning, on 9-11, we had a morning similar to Saturday, but at the morning ceremonies they had a short memorial for the tragedies of September 11, 2001. One of the local fireman played amazing grace and the national anthem on the bag pipes. There were some words spoken, a moment of silence, then the soldiers, officers, firemen, and other first responder  who were riding lead our group of cyclists out onto the route.

The Sunday route had more hills, but the reward of amazing views was worth it. On both days we averaged around 16 mph.

Sunday Morning Start

Amanda ready for another 75 miles

Stacy and Colby ready for another 75 miles

Sunday morning ceremonies

The "campground" in Union Point Park

We stopped for a scenic picture opportunity on the top of a bridge in Oriental, North Carolina – home to some of the world’s best sailing so I’m told.

Colby and Stacy in Oriental, NC; Pamilico Sound in the background

The lady in pink is Theresa. Her group would only do the 30 mile route and she wanted to do 75, so she drafted us all day.

A Marina in Oriental, NC

Colby, Stacy, and Amanda on Bike MS - New Bern

We had an amazing time on this ride. This was by far the best organized ride I’ve ever been on. Everything was planned to the smallest details. Most importantly it is for a great cause. We have one family member who has MS, and one friend from college. Hopefully rides like this will help us get closer to finding a cure. We plan on doing this ride again next year.

We also plan on participating in an upcoming, one-day ride that raises funds for a MS bike team that was at the New Bern ride. It’s called the “Making Room for Turkey Ride“. It’s a 50 mile ride in the Raleigh area. It will be hilly, but it’s not as long so we should have fun.

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Hello all! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. For a long time in the summer there wasn’t really any newsworthy events happening. Then, all of a sudden there are so many that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write about them, let alone upload some photos. Stacy is heading back to Iowa this coming Thursday for the wedding reception for her brother Randy and wife Melissa (wedding blog post here). Maybe I’ll have a chance to get caught up then when it’s just me and the dogs holding down the fort.

The main reason I’m blogging today is to kindly ask for your support of Stacy and my fundraising efforts for Bike MS. We are part of a small team that’s riding in Bike MS – Historic New Bern ride that raises money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of eastern North Carolina. We posted a bunch of information about it in an earlier blog post. Please follow this link if you want to find out more about it, or if you would like to donate. We have to raise $200 each to participate in the event on September 10th and 11th, and it’s for a great cause!

Thanks for the support!

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